Our Digital Coaches program is designed to provide equal
opportunity for all business owners
and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive online.

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Atlanta Coach: Justin Dawkins

Justin Dawkins is a native of Metro Atlanta with over 15 years of marketing, technology and entrepreneurial experience.

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Austin Coach: Vicky Sepulveda

Influential Sales Leader and Marketing Expert with International Experience

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Chicago Coach: JinJa Birkenbeuel

JinJa Birkenbeuel is the Chief Executive Officer of Birk Creative, a digital and WEB/IT agency

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Detroit Coach: Katrina Turnbow

CFounder/CEO Kanopi Social Digital Marketing Firm

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Los Angeles Coach: Roberto Martinez

Founder and CEO of Braven Agency

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Miami Coach: Vicente Pimienta

Internet Service Provider since 1996 & Host of Digital Chronicles

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New York Coach: Angelina Darrisaw

founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach, a career-coaching platform that provides accessible professional development resources to diverse millennial professionals.

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Washington DC Coach: Shelly Bell

Shelly Bell is a Social Entrepreneur and Digital Coach. She is among the nation's most sought after writers, community organizers and motivational speakers in the Washington, DC Metro area.

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