A tip for Small Business Owners: Build a responsive web site

By Reena Jana, Head of Product and Business Inclusion Strategy, Google | Business Inclusion

In honor of National Small Business Week 2019, we’re featuring a series of video tips for small business owners from Google’s Digital Coaches.

The Coaches host workshops on building an online business, based on their own experiences as small business owners in cities around the U.S. Many of the Coaches’ workshops are taught as part of the Grow with Google program, which offers free training and tools to help people grow their skills, career, or business.

In our seventh video in the series, Vicente Pimienta, Google’s Miami Digital Coach, offers a design tip for small business owners: make sure your web site is responsive. Vicente is the CEO of the digital marketing and public relations agency Digisults (2017 winner of the Sunshine Award for Agency of the Year).  If you're not sure what a responsive web site is, exactly (and even if you do), watch Vicente explain...

Thanks for reading our series of tips for small business owners during National Small Business Week 2019, featuring our regional Google Digital Coaches (click on their names to watch each video) Justin Dawkins, Vicky Sepulveda, Roberto Martinez, Francilia Wilkins Rahim, JinJa Birkenbeuel, Katrina Turnbow and Vicente Pimienta. And make sure to see what Google's National Digital Coach Angelina Darrisaw offers for additional advice! 

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