Meet Google's Pittsburgh Digital Coach: Kyshira Moffett

By Bill Reeve | Staff Writer | Business Inclusion

Kyshira Moffett is a digital brand strategist, a content creator, an award-winning entrepreneur, and an author. Passionate about brand strategy, entrepreneurship and beauty, Kyshira lives her motto “feel the fear and do it anyway.” She is also Google's newest Digital Coach, based in Pittsburgh. This expands the Digital Coaches program to a new city, in the summer of 2019.

In 2013, Kyshira founded #HERmovement, an online community that equips entrepreneurial women with digital brand and launch strategies to propel their businesses and blogs to the next level. The #HERMovement community, with more than 30K global followers, hosted a successful monthly Twitter chat which has been featured in EBONY Magazine, and expanded into a YouTube channel and podcast known as The Bombshell Diaries. Kyshira launched Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics in 2017, offering premium makeup products at an affordable price. During that same year, she also founded The Power Collective, a management consulting firm that specializes in business development, marketing, and branding. She also published her first book, “Bombshell of All Trades,” a planner packed with actionable brand strategies.

Kyshira is an active member of the Pittsburgh community. She created and facilitates the Hustle HER Way Summit in Pittsburgh. This two-day conference enables professional speakers from around the nation to connect with entrepreneurial women from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Kyshira is a proud graduate of Hampton University and member of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.

How and why did you begin working with Google?

The Digital Coaches national program manager, Angelina Darrisaw, actually found me using Google Search! We had a great conversation about the Google Digital Coaches Program and how Google was looking to bring it to Pittsburgh. I was excited about the opportunity because it is something that our region really needs.

What is your role and mission?

As the Pittsburgh Digital Coach, I have the opportunity to offer free workshops to the local community on technology and all things entrepreneurial. I offer workshops on Google’s free suite of tools for small businesses — like Google Analytics.

We also offer panel discussions and fireside chats to provide exposure and networking opportunities to local business owners. We want to give them the opportunity to provide advice and insight to up-and-coming business owners.

The program's mission is to help accelerate the growth of diverse small businesses across the country. In addition to workshops, we have office hours (which is essentially free coaching).

We want to eliminate the digital divide and help everyone get on the same level playing field.

Can you share what digital inclusion means to you?

To me, digital inclusion means that everyone has access to, and knowledge about, all the digital tools and resources available to them.

It is commonly believed that everyone has access to the internet, but they don't. We are still working to grow internet access. For those that do have internet access, we want to be sure that they are aware of all the tools at their disposal for learning, as well as creating and growing their businesses.

A fun part of my job is leading these workshops. I am able to open people’s eyes to free and easily accessible tools that can help them get their ideas off the ground and grow their businesses. We want to create a level playing field with equal access to information and digital tools.

What inspires you most about this work?

What inspires me most about this work is having people see immediate results when they implement the information I provide.

We’ve just started in Pittsburgh, and we have had only two events, yet at the second event people talked about how they were able to implement my advice from the first event and see the results change their businesses.

I have been working with these software tools for a long time, but for many small business owners, they can be life changing.

What advice can you give people who want to get involved in Google’s Digital Coaches program?

To get involved with the program, go to, click the Coaches tab and find a coach near you. Their profile will show you all of the upcoming workshops in your city. You can register for any or all of them completely free.

For the Pittsburgh region, we have our 2019 calendar posted. All you have to do is register — these events are free and completely open to the public!

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