A tip for Small Business Owners: Engage more customers with fast-loading web sites

By Reena Jana, Head of Product and Business Inclusion Strategy, Google | Business Inclusion

In honor of National Small Business Week 2019, we’re featuring a series of video tips for small business owners from Google’s Digital Coaches.

The Coaches host workshops on building an online business, based on their own experiences as small business owners in cities around the U.S. Many of the Coaches’ workshops are taught as part of the Grow with Google program, which offers free training and tools to help people grow their skills, career, or business.

In our second video in the series, Vicky Sepulveda, Google’s Austin, TX Digital Coach, shares how you can engage more customers who visit your web site on their phones...and a tool to help you. Vicky is the CEO of Crossing Bridges Consulting, which helps entrepreneurs with event planning and building a presence online. Prior to joining the Google Digital Coaches program, Vicky was the Senior Director of Small Business and International Events at the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Want Vicky's tip? Here it is:

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