A tip for Small Business Owners: Think like a tech team

By Reena Jana, Head of Product and Business Inclusion Strategy, Google | Business Inclusion

In honor of National Small Business Week 2019, we’re featuring a series of video tips for small business owners from Google’s Digital Coaches.

The Coaches host workshops on building an online business, based on their own experiences as small business owners in cities around the U.S. Many of the Coaches’ workshops are taught as part of the Grow with Google program, which offers free training and tools to help people grow their skills, career, or business. 

In our first tip video, Justin Dawkins, Google’s Atlanta Digital Coach, discusses why it’s important for entrepreneurs to always be iterating (re-designing and refining) their businesses. It’s a strategy that software engineers and hardware designers use to constantly improve their products, based on user feedback.

Justin’s tip comes out of his experience as a co-founder (with Joe Womack III) and member of the board of directors for Atlanta’s Goodie Nation, a social-impact pre-accelerator for startups. Goodie Nation hosts hackathons and offers resources and support for entrepreneurs and teachers, and focuses on improving systems for equitable outcomes in the realms of education, financial access, health, and safety. Justin has over 15 years of marketing, technology and entrepreneurial experience, including at Atlanta-based email marketing services provider SilverPop (which was acquired by IBM and is now known as IBM Marketing Cloud).

Here’s Justin, sharing with you why it can be helpful for small business owners to try thinking like a tech team by constantly launching new features and offerings:

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