Business Inclusion Leadership: Google Marketing Director Sherice Torres on Sustainability and Crisis Response

By Zharmer Hardimon and Kelly McKesten, Contributors | Business Inclusion

Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of articles featuring the voices of executives from a diversity of backgrounds, offering tips on how to align digital business goals and purpose-driven goals that help support communities. This interview initially appeared on Think with Google, which features free tools and resources for marketers. 

Google’s mission is to make information accessible and useful for all. As a marketing director in Google’s Brand Studio, Sherice Torres’ job is to bring that mission to life. She leads the team in driving brand programs around sustainability and crisis response, bringing Google’s values to life through campaigns, programs, and partnerships.

“Whenever I face a challenge in a campaign, at the end of the day, I really go back to it and say, ‘what would best serve our user in this moment?’ And if we craft our solution around best serving the user, we can always find our way to a solution,” said Torres.

It’s a philosophy any marketer can relate to. And that thinking has helped Torres and her team implement programs that aid in natural disaster recovery and empower people and businesses to operate more sustainably. Watch Torres explain how her team is working with experts around the world to affect change in these areas, and learn how our research helped us identify opportunities for outsized impact.


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