How serving in the U.S. Military shapes Googlers' careers in tech

By Tom White, Senior Editor | Business Inclusion

Whether you're deployed on active duty, transitioning from service to civilian life, a veteran, or a current member of the U.S. military, Google salutes you and supports you.

There are numerous veterans who are Google employees and members of the Google Veterans Network, an employee volunteer community that strives to make Google a great place to work for those who have served in the U.S. Military, along with their families and their friends.

In honor of this Veteran’s Day, Accelerate with Google is highlighting three inspiring quotes on how serving in the U.S. Military helped shape the careers of Googlers who are also veterans.  

Googler Craig Shaver: Leading in the Marine Corps and at Google

“The Marine Corps is where I fell in love with systems thinking, decision-making models, and trying to comprehend  the way things worked. I apply what I learned in the Marine Corps every single day at Google.” – Craig Shaver, Strategy and Operations Manager, Google Customer Solutions

Bringing the veteran's perspective to operations strategy at Google: Meet Niki Marin

“Additionally, the military taught me how to work with diverse sets of people and establish fruitful working relationships. Oftentimes, I managed patrols with local Afghans who did not speak the same language...The experience of working across many groups and functions directly translates into how I interface with software engineers, product managers, researchers, and other teams within Jigsaw [Google’s incubator for projects tackling global security challenges].” – Niki Marin, Head of Strategy and Operations, Jigsaw

Googler Leo Marin: Applying the veteran's perspective to business

“In the Army, when you are not deployed, you are constantly training. Part of your profession is to be ready constantly. I like to bring this mentality to Google’s professional practice in order to assess our current operations and to find ways in which to improve them.” – Leo Marin, Learning & Development Specialist, Marketing, Google

Inspired by Craig, Niki, or Leo? Apply for a job at Google to create, code, design, and build for everyone.

Images courtesy of Craig, Niki and Leo. Hero image by Creative Theory.

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