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We believe in leveling the playing field for communities with unequal access to technology and economic opportunity—and empowering them to accelerate with Google.


Our Communities

Google partners with trusted business and community leaders in eight U.S. metro areas (Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Miami), who share their knowledge and experience on how building a strong online presence can drive economic impact.

They host free digital business coaching sessions in their communities, in partnership with Google's Get Your Business Online Program.


Find an Expert

Digital Coaches discuss how to use Google tools, using their own personal and professional journeys to show how to achieve measurable business results with a strong online presence.

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Justin Dawkins

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Vicky Sepulveda

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JinJa Birkenbeuel

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Katrina Turnbow

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Los Angeles

Roberto Martinez

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Vicente Pimienta

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New York

Angelina Darrisaw

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Washington, DC

Shelly Bell

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Success Stories

At Google, we believe a variety of perspectives leads to better products, makes information more accessible, and creates economic opportunities for all. So we collaborate with our Get Your Business Online program to offer tutorials for small business owners of all backgrounds.

We are open for business with diverse suppliers. Here are some of our business inclusion success stories.


Learn with Google

Google employees (Googlers) regularly volunteer to lead digital literacy workshops around the world for individuals, non-profits, and business owners.

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Johannesburg, South Africa
Online Marketing Workshop
Washington, DC
Online Marketing
Sydney, Australia
Online Marketing


Face to Face

From Oakland to Sydney, from Dublin to Johannesburg (and more!), volunteer Googlers host events that address the unique needs of communities that are currently underrepresented online, based on 3+ years of research and workshops in those communities.

Atlanta, GA
Get Your Business Online
Q4 2017 (Exact Date TBD) @ 9am

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